1/6 Scale News: Big Chief Studios - Amy Pond

Hi everyone! To kickstart my new toy blog, I’ve got news regarding one of my most anticipated figures from the Doctor Who line: Big Chief Studios’ Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) 1/6 scale articulate figure!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this figure for almost a year now (others might even say they’ve been waiting for a little over a year, I was sort of late with the program on this one). The following photo is of their initial prototype release which really got me hooked with this figure from the get go. Oh and by the way, there’s a special limited release of this figure that comes with a plaque signed by Karen Gillan herself (and yes, this is what I pre-ordered)!


If you’re an avid fan or at least an enthusiast of 1/6 scale figures, you’d probably be aware right now that there are really only a handful of female figures that end up looking like the people they were meant to portray. This was one of them. As far as female head sculpts go, this figure just blew me away. It’s not a perfect match, but I’ve got to say that you do see a semblance of Karen Gillan when you lay eyes on this, especially if you’re a Whovian yourself.


As you can see, it’s a pretty decent portait of Amy Pond. Given some time for futzing and a little handiwork, this can really be an incredible likeness to Gillan herself.

The wardrobe and the accessories included are actually pretty amazing. Big Chief Studios (I shall refer to them as BCS from now on) actually did a great job in getting the wardrobe right. You also get some pretty neat accessories like the infamous blue letter for Amy, and you even get a mini TARDIS sculpted to her scale!


Given these amazing prototype photos, pre-ordering this figure was a no-brainer for me. I’ve been closely keeping tabs on this ever since.

Now, after almost a year of waiting, BCS finally announced last week that they’ll be posting photos of the final look of the figure before it hits the production line.

The following photos are of the photos they’ve uploaded to their official facebook page.



These photos have actually created quite a stir in the official page of BCS. Many people like myself could not help but voice out the problems and issues we saw with the current release. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who found this figure waaaay off course from what we were expecting from BCS; especially after their success with their first figure, the 11th Doctor.

I will not lie, I WAS SHOCKED WHEN I SAW THIS. Where was the head sculpt that got me hooked with this figure? Why is her hair twice or even thrice as thick as it was in the prototype? What’s up with that jacket? These are but some of the questions that instantly popped into my mind.


Viewed up close, this head sculpt really worries me because this portrait is unmistakably masculine. Gillan is known for her rounded face which they actually got right the first time round, so why the change it?

Given that I’ve got to look at these photos for quite a few times, the sculpt actually has started to look passable to me (note: passable), and maybe if you cover her face enough with her hair, you might get to make it look like Amy Pond again, much like the initial prototype.


Here you can definitely see the thickness of the hair that this prototype sports. I think it’s just too thick to be properly styled to Gillan’s likeness.

The jacket looks 2-3 sizes bigger for the scale and doesn’t complement the sleek body of the figure.


I won’t go into much detail with this one. Many of the folks who commented on the site have given all sorts of versions on how to justify or at least describe how odd this looks. Having the stand like the conventional Hot Toys stand just looks inappropriate on her, let’s leave it at that.


Overall, I’ve kind of lost momentum on the anticipation of this figure. I know it’s already been a year, I should be stoked. But unless BCS does something about this figure, I might as well share the look of disappointment that this figure portrays in this photo. 


Hey look! I’d say even Amy herself shares the same sentiments (photo as reference only, not actual sentiments from Gillan herself haha).

I still am unsure if I should keep my pre-order on this figure or just let it slide.


If this is the final prototype and if ever I do push through with it, I just hope that the signed plaque is worth it.


— NEW UPDATE AS OF MAR 26, 2013 —

Big Chief Studios Limited posted a response to all the comments and critiques.

We have now removed the recent photos of the Amy Pond figure and will have an official response shortly. Your posts and comments have all been duly noted and we thank you for your continued support.

THERE IS HOPE FOR THE WORLD! With this update, my faith in BCS has been fully restored! Big Chief Studios, kuddos to you. I shall keep my downpayment with you a few months more.